Newtec Systems Inc

New larger option for Canada’s most popular countermat.

Newtec Systems is proud to introduce the all new Swiftline™ – the quicker poster display.

The Swiftline™ is  ideal for creating BIG impact on your larger counter surface. With its striking transparent frame, the Swiftline™ includes the same easy-to-use functionality that you have come to expect from our patented designs. 


Why not consider using an alternative colour on your next order of DeskWindos? We offer a full range of standard and custom colours to match your corporate brand.

The DeskWindo5 A3 in a bright colour increases visibility and customer attention. More people get to see your message!

Please take a look through our website and contact us if you have any questions. 

Newtec is working closely with some of Canada’s largest media companies as they explore B-Line  a new retail display system designed to engage the customer right at the point of sale. The unique design of the B-Line allows the media agency  to easily update the promotion with simple inexpensive printed graphics.  Now available in  48 or 96 inch  lengths  B-Line easy to install and is deally suited to a wide range of retail  stores applications.

Looking to sell ad space in your store?  Go B-Line…..

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